Fishing and hunting tourism

There are numerous hunting and fishing reserves in the region. A great abundance and variety of game and fish (bears, wild boars, deer, roes, hares, wood-grouses, pheasants, trouts, carps, pike-perches, etc.) combined with extremely beautiful nature.

Visits of:

cultural and historical monuments

Historical Museum - Pazardzhik
The Holy Godmother's Church
Art galleries
Archaeological excavations, etc.
The historic church in Batak
Koprivshtitsa - museums of the struggle for liberation from the Ottoman rule
Excavations of unique historical objects of the time of the Thracians - STAROSEL and PERPERIKON

natural sights

Snezhanka Cave
Yagodinska Cave
Dyavolsko Garlo (The Devil's Throat) Cave
Routes on Orpheus' mountain the Rhodopes

Rural tourism

Visitsa of gardens and farms
Participation in real farming activities, etc.

Winter ski tourism

Ski-runs in popular resorts - Velingrad (famous for its mineral springs), Yundola, Sveti Konstantin, Tsigov Chark


Visits of famous wine cellars in the Pazardzhik region and tasting of wine and brandy
Tasting of traditional Bulgarian cheeses and yoghurt, including some made by authentic old recipes 2004-2010