In the town of Pazardzhik, the Hospital "HIGIYA" famous all over the country is situated. 


"BALKANTOURIST-TRAKIA" JSC together with the Hospital "HIGIYA and some specialists - dentists offer a product called HEALTH TOURISM.

Within five or ten days, the tourists can combine solving of a health problem with traveling through a country like BULGARIA. 

Procedures such as plastic surgery are made in the Hospital "HIGIYA" by leading specialists.

The dentist service is at very high level, offered in modern dental surgeries by dentists and dental mechanics.

Health tourism in Bulgaria

"BALKANTOURIST-TRAKIA" JSC offers you a rich program for your free time:

Visiting of the excavations of old Thracian villages dating from the Orphei's era.

Visiting of caves; in some of them there are water falls which are more than 30 meters high, as well as rock paintings.

Walking through the mountain of the old Thracians -the Rodopi mountains, which have a spectacular nature.

Organizing tasting of traditional Bulgarian drinks and meals:

      Bulgarian white brined cheese, 
            Bulgarian yoghurt, 
           Bulgarian rakia (a strong alcoholic drink made by different fruits: grapes, plums etc.),
           cheverme (a lamb put on a skewer and roasted on an open fire) and a lot of others.

You can sample a sort of wine called "Mavrud" which is produced only in the Thracian region.

Organizing of outgoings for these people who like fishing and hunting as a sport.

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